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How to write a TED talk

"Would you like to do a TEDx talk in Stuttgart…?"

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my little breast cancer blog would lead to me being asked this. But I was, about 4 months ago now, thanks to Twitter. The question came from the amazing Ross Fisher (
@ffolliet), a Paedatric Surgeon who is passionate about getting people to stop using slides filled with tables and charts and words, and learn to tell a story instead.
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How to practise a TED talk

I had the perfect draft (or so I thought). Now it was time to learn it. Both the TED books (listed in my first TED blog) suggest that you should know your speech as well as you know the song "Happy Birthday To You", and you should be able to recite it whilst doing something else, so it becomes second nature. A 15 minute talk has about 2500 - 2800 words, depending on how fast you talk, so it's quite a chunk to remember.
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What happens before a TED talk

Dermot and I flew to Stuttgart the day before, as I hate travelling, and didn't want the stress of possibly arriving late. We woke up bright and early, and went for a run before breakfast in a beautiful park with segregated cycling and walking footpaths and red squirrels running around.
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